The Homecoming!

To everyone at the Albany NY airport around noon yesterday: thanks for your patience and understanding as our family and friends took up most of the arrival area to welcome Craig home from his two-year mission to Brazil. We’re excited to report that this time there were no technical glitches and we actually had all the family and signs in place BEFORE the missionary sighting. First time ever! Such a happy time. Welcome home, Craig! 🙂


Getting the sign ready once the plane lands


Almost there…

and then….



There was lots of extended family there to greet Craig!


Four returned missionary siblings!


This quick welcome home sign designed for Eric in 2008 has been recycled in 2013 and now in 2015 with new names taped on top of old ones!


Craig with his Maughan grandparents.


Craig with his sister, Melissa, and her husband, James.


Craig with Uncle Andy, cousin Sharon, and Aunt Nancy.


Craig with dear friends (who have known him since he was born!) — Glen and Michelle.


Craig with Uncle Alan.


Craig with good friends, the Andrews (who have ALSO known him since he was born)!


Craig with his Watson grandparents.


Ten days left! (but who’s counting?!)

This picture was taken two years ago, as we brought Craig to the Albany Airport to fly to Saõ Paulo and the Brazil MTC:


Hard to believe that in only 10 days, we will be picking him up at that same airport as he returns from his mission. We are thrilled that he has been able to serve the people in Santos, Brazil, for the last two years, and excited to hug him again when he returns home!


The Three Elder Maughans in Brazil

Here’s a photo from January 2011 of the three Maughan brothers — Eric (oldest), Craig (youngest) and Scott  — all of whom have served missions in Brazil:


Eric, Craig, and Scott Maughan

This week, one of Eric’s favorite companions, Felipe Santana, sent Eric a photo of him with Craig! Elder Santana and Eric served together in the Brazil Brasilia mission eight years ago.


Above — Eric and one of his favorite companion, Elder Felipe Santana. Below — Felipe and Elder Craig Maughan.

When I mentioned this to Scott, I received a photo of Craig with one of Scott’s favorite companions from the Brazil Belém mission, Elder Felipe Tavares. Scott and Elder Tavares served together three years ago.


Above — Elder Felipe Tavares and Elder Scott Maughan. Below — Felipe with Elder Craig Maughan in Santos.

I love how small Brazil seems when all three sons have served missions there! And I’m so grateful that both of Craig’s older brothers had wonderful companions who made the time to visit with Craig while he has been serving in Santos.


Last Welcome

Craig, Elder Veneziano, Elder Timmons, and Elder Malta, along with Elder Sharp, joined President and Sister Cabral in welcoming a new group of missionaries this week. Strange to think it is the last group Craig will be there to meet. Fun photos courtesy of Sister Cabral — Thank you!! I love to see all the smiling faces.


President and Sister Cabral’s fifth and final missionary, on the left, returned home this week from his mission to Tennessee!






New Missionaries in Santos Today!

Sister Cabral shared lots of wonderful photos of the new missionaries arriving in Santos, including a Sister Maughan (see last photos)! She’s very likely a cousin of Craig’s. Here are some favorites. I’d love to know what’s being said when the pictures are taken, but I can guess! These missionaries work really hard, but they sure like to have fun when they’re together! 🙂








In The Bleak Midwinter Video

I LOVE this video of Sister Sweet, Elder Stokes and Elder Maughan practicing a family favorite — In The Bleak Midwinter — for their Mission Christmas program. Yes, I do realize that it’s almost Easter, but in this case, it’s definitely better late than never!:)