Nasceu o Salvador

Bom dia!

Here’s an interesting story from this week: Elder Veneziano and I attended church yesterday with the elders here in Enseada, Guarujá. On Saturday night the elders quorum president called and asked us to prepare a training for the men of the ward on how to rescue less-active members, so Elder Veneziano and I (mostly Elder Veneziano) put together a few ideas and a few practices that we could do with the quorum. The training went pretty well yesterday, and afterward President Santana, the stake president, came up to us and said that he had been pondering and praying for a few days about how he could help the ward leaders become more involved in the missionary work, and that the training had been an answer to his prayers! He had even felt inspired to come attend church in Enseada, even though on the first Sunday of the month he should have been in his home branch of Bertioga, about an hour and a half away. It was great to see how the Spirit had worked with us, with President Santana, and with the elders quorum president here, just to answer President Santana’s prayers.

Other cool moments this week: On Tuesday I was on an exchange with Elder Bonham, a brand-new American missionary, in Cidade Náutica, São Vicente. Well neither of us is very familiar with São Vicente, and their house is located in another area, and our map wasn’t very good….and anyway we may have been more or less lost, and it was getting pretty late, so we didn’t know how we would make it home in time. Suddenly we stopped to ask directions from a woman who looked like she was in a pretty big hurry. She stopped, smiled, and said, “I’m heading that way too! This bus right here passes right where you want to go. Don’t worry about paying for the bus, I’ll take care of it!” That was the last of a few miracles we had seen that day, and Elder Bonham and I talked about how great it is that we don’t have to worry as missionaries because the Lord takes care of us!

Working with the A Savior Is Born initiative (which in Português is “The Savior Is Born”) has been great as well–I hope you’ve all seen the videos! We watch them with everyone who will let us into their house.

This week will be more divisions–after working in Caraguatatuba again, we’ll come back down to do our last few in Santos before the transfer on Sunday. I won’t bore you with names of areas because only Mom would know where they are and only Scott and Eric would be able to pronounce them haha. I’ll probably have a chance to write on Monday, at which time I won’t have a designated area or companion…(“WE ARE ALL ENLISTED TILL THE CONFLICT IS O’ER…!”).

Love you all, thanks for everything!
Élder Maughan



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