Hey everybody!

What a great week! We are learning a lot. I feel like I’m improving my missionary work and I’m trying to take advantage of every learning opportunity I can.

Lots of zone conferences this week! After spending Monday night in Ilhabela (which was great) we had conferences in Caraguatatuba (Tuesday) and Santos and Guarujá (Thursday). Some highlights from the week:

On the way back from Caraguatatuba, President wanted to stop at an empanada store (I don’t know how to describe an empanada so you’ll have to google it)–a specialty empanada store that makes delicious empanadas from Tucuman, Argentina! Well, Elder Veneziano was on cloud nine because he’s from Tucuman. So he chatted away with the owner, also a Tucuman native, and we got some incredibly delicious sweet empanadas. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I got the apple-cinnamon one because it was almost like apple pie. Almost.

On Thanksgiving, we spent most of the day in zone conferences (which were great–President was in a very funny mood!) and then headed to Vicente de Carvalho. After way more effort than we expected, we managed to find a little café to eat our first meal of the day: dinner! We bought some sandwiches, but unfortunately they didn’t have anything with turkey. But ham and cheese, again, is almost the same thing!

Okay, sorry, all of my highlights are food-related. Not too much time to write, sorry! The divisions this week were great, we worked in São Vicente and Guarujá. I’ll try to send pictures when I can!

Love you all!
Élder Maughan



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