This week in the most beautiful zone on the planet

Hello everybody!

I loved the pictures of Quincy! I’m glad everybody is doing so well! Now we all have one more thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. [Craig’s first little niece, Quincy Anne Maughan, was born on Friday.]


This week in Brazil was great! Elder Veneziano and I have been working with the elders in the Caraguatatuba zone on what they call the North Coast of the state of São Paulo. I’ve been really enjoying the divisions! Here are some pictures to help you get a feel of how my week was:

Porto Novo:






Ubatuba is the farthest area from Santos in the whole mission–it borders the state of Rio de Janeiro! It’s also the only area that’s officially in the tropics. So now I can say I served in a tropical mission.



Elder Cano and I are standing in the shade of a telephone pole because this was probably the hottest day of my life haha.

Yesterday we had a pretty cool experience in São Sebastião too–Elder Valente and I were walking to an appointment at the end of the night when we walked past a man named Marco who’s been taking the lessons from the other companionship of elders in São Sebastião (he went to church for the first time yesterday). One of his neighbors, when he found out that Marco was meeting with the Mormons, came over to “reveal the truth” of the Mormon church to Marco and was yelling at him. Well we went over to see what was going on and the man starting to treat us in a pretty unfriendly way! He said some unrepeatable things and told us we were ignorant bigots, that our religion was heresy, and that we were not followers of Christ because we told him no, we were not interested in going to his house then to “have a chat” with him. Anyway, we kind of just stood there and let him talk, then when he left we asked Marco if we could share a message with him, just to see if there had been any real damage done! To our surprise, when we sat down with Marco and his wife Carol, they told us they were impressed with our “Christlike reaction” and that they were glad that we were there to help answer their questions! We had a great lesson with them and they both accepted to be baptized two weeks from now. I was grateful that the Spirit is what really teaches–investigators who are really seeking for truth always find it.


[Photos compliments of Elder Valente’s Facebook post — what a fun surprise to have a friend point out these photos!]

We’re back in Ilhabela for the day, but we just found out that we’ll be going to zone conferences this week, so it looks like all of our plans are shot haha. I’ll let you know what happens, don’t worry!

Thanks for everything! Have a great week! Love you all!
Élder Maughan



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