Heading South

Hey everybody!

The adventure continues! This week in 5 areas on the southern half of the mission I worked with elders from Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Fortaleza, São Paulo, and Utah. We’re still having a great time! After leaving Mongaguá on Monday we headed down to Peruíbe for a day or two, then on to Registro, which is basically the only inland city in the whole mission. It’s way easier to get lost, because in all of the other areas you can figure out where you are with one simple question: “Which way is the beach?” But also a very beautiful city! And everybody has a southern accent, which is kind of just Portuguese pronounced as if it were Spanish.

From Registro we headed back up to Itanhaém (where we didn’t get lost) and spent two days with two companionships there, then to Praia Grande (where we ate lunch at the house of a woman who competed in the first version of Master Chef in Brazil), then back to Santos, where yesterday I worked in Orquidário! That was a lot of fun, seeing how much I remembered. My companion and I taught Ricardo, an old investigator that I had taught with Elder Rodgers and Elder Kagi about 5 months ago. He still had the Book of Mormon sitting out on his coffee table haha. Elder Timmons and I have been traveling around a lot, catching a lot of buses and seeing a lot of cities, but there’s always something special for me about coming back to Santos. Here’s a picture:


Well I’m sorry these letters aren’t very exciting anymore! I don’t have any investigators to write about haha. Instead I just talk about random city names you’ve never heard of.


I hope everybody is excited for Halloween! They don’t celebrate Halloween here, but they do celebrate Day of the Dead on November 2nd. It’s tradition that people go visit the graves of their loved ones, so I think we’ll try to go to the cemeteries to talk with people about the plan of salvation. That should be fun!

Thanks for everything, have a great week!
Élder Maughan



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