Happy Children’s Day!

Olá família!

Lots of excitement this week! After a few days in Ilhabela, Elder Timmons and I got a called back to Santos on Thursday. Elder Arvidson is now working in Ilhabela with a new short-term missionary from Brasília. President Cabral told Elder Timmons and me over the phone to head to the mission office, but didn’t tell us what we’d be doing! So we spent Thursday night and Friday on the bus to Santos wondering what area we’d be in haha. Kind of a strange feeling. Anyway, it turns out we’ll be doing divisions in lots of areas, without a set area for us to work in.

That means Elder Timmons and I will be traveling almost every day to do divisions with elders all over the mission. We spent the last two days in Guarujá, and will spend tonight in Embaré here in Santos before heading to Cubatão tomorrow and São Vicente later in the week. I’m really enjoying it so far! It’s absolutely exhausting, but it’s an incredible chance to learn from a lot of elders and get to know places and people all over the mission. For example, at church in the Enseada Ward yesterday, I met the stake patriarch who was also the first president of the Brasil Brasília Mission!

I really loved working in Ilhabela–the branch there is amazing, and I was really sad to leave it. But it’s in good hands now with Elder Arvidson, and we know the Lord wanted us somewhere else! We got the chance to say goodbye to some of our friends there, members and investigators.

Okay well I was about to attach some awesome pictures, but I just remembered the internet café here doesn’t take memory cards. Sorry!

Hope everybody had an awesome week, love you all!
Élder Maughan



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