It only seems like I’ve been transferred….

Bom dia!

This was one of the busiest weeks of the mission, and also one of the best! I spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday outside of my area haha–I worked a little bit in the areas Embaré, Orquidário, Jabaquara, Travessão, and Indaiá. Wherever we happened to pass through! Which made Thursday and Friday pretty nuts in Ilhabela haha.

Tuesday we were at the trainers meeting and the new missionaries arrival, both of which went really well! The new missionaries seem very prepared. After they were all off to their areas, Elder Timmons and I (Elder Schwantes was already with the group of departing missionaries) went to the Jabaquara chapel to help prepare for the mission conference the next day.

The first part of the conference was on family history, specifically helping recent converts and investigators with the My Family booklet. I filled out my own (with a little help from FamilySearch) on Tuesday, and I learned a lot about my family! Probably things I should have known already, but that’s okay. After that presentation, President Cabral spoke on chastity, and I think it was one of his best talks ever–parts were funny, parts were super-spiritual, all of it was engaging, and I learned a lot! After lunch, we put together a quick quartet of “Let the Holy Spirit Guide” with Elder Clark and Sisters Teotônio and McEldowney, then Sister Cabral spoke and President Cabral closed out the conference.

After the conference, Rodolfo came to the chapel! He leaves for his mission at the end of this transfer, so we weren’t sure if we would see each other before then. So we rounded up Elders Veneziano and Sharp and a few others who knew him from Cubatão and took some pictures! That was great. After that was the long bus and ferry ride back to Ilhabela.

Rodolfo (middle) with Elder Sharp, Craig, Elder Veneziano, and Elder Gentry

Rodolfo (middle) with Elder Sharp, Craig, Elder Veneziano, and Elder Gentry

On Saturday morning we left again for Caraguatatuba, where we watched conference in the district center there! All of the sessions were great, and it was surreal to see three new Apostles sustained. We watched it in English with some other American missionaries (and one British!).

That’s the news from here! Here’s a picture from Via Panorâmica and another of us headed to conference in Caraguatatuba (Elders Arvidson, Timmons, and Clark). Love you all, have a great week!

Com amor,
Élder Maughan





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