Birthdays and farewells!

Hello family!

Hope all is well at home! This week in Ilhabela was really good. Yesterday was Elder Schwantes’ birthday (and Grandpa Watson’s! Happy birthday!), and the branch put on a surprise birthday lunch for him after church. Here’s a picture!


And a cool story from church: we were really happy with the number of investigators and less-active members who came to Sacrament meeting, and then it got even better right after the meeting, when a man named Domingos walked in. He said he saw the three of us a few days ago and wanted to know more about what we believed. He was driving by the church yesterday morning and felt like he should stop, but didn’t. Then a few hundred meters later he felt it again, so he turned around, parked his car, and walked into the chapel. One of the members found him and introduced him to me and he said, “I felt like I should come visit this church! I’m looking for a place to be on Sunday mornings. Can I start coming to this church?” Well, we told him yes, that would be fine haha. He loved the other two meetings after Sacrament! He works in São Paulo during the week but we’re going to see him this weekend.

We’re also still teaching Benjamin and Amanda, with help from a young couple in the ward who introduced us to them. Benjamin is great! We saw him on the road a few days ago and he said, “Well, I’m on the computer a lot at work, so I was reading some of the I’m a Mormon messages, I really like the one about the rugby player!” They and their two young kids came to church yesterday, which was great.

President and Sister Cabral were here in Caraguatatuba for a zone conference on Wednesday, and it’s always fun to see the elders from all over the zone. Of all of my companions, all but two are here in the Caraguatatuba zone!

We got some exciting news this week–the church finished the LDS version of the Bíblia Sagrada! Which means soon (hopefully) Brazilians will be able to get the Bible with LDS footnotes, Joseph Smith Translation, etc. Right now we use the normal, no-footnotes-or-references common version along with the LDS triple combination.

Here’s another picture of (most of) the branch, at Rafael’s mission farewell (“missionary tea”) on Thursday. He’ll be leaving next week for the Moçambique Maputo mission! We’ll miss him here, but he’ll be great. He’s really excited. He’s the dark one in the middle. Sorry about the demon eyes in the photo. We’re on the left, and Paulo the branch president is the guy under Rafael.


That’s it for this week! Thanks for everything, love you guys!
Élder Maughan



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