This week in Ilhabela

Hey family!

This week was very rainy here on the Ilha. And everywhere else in the mission, as far as I can tell. But that’s fun!! On Tuesday we were way up in the hills, in the part of town that’s way less tourist-y, when suddenly the sky turned black and it just starting thundering like crazy and pouring rain. We saw a woman whose house was flooding, and she was pretty panicked, so for about an hour we just helped her bail water out of her house, move her furniture to high ground, etc. It reminded me of the service we did in Schoharie after the hurricane.

We had some cool experiences with Bendamim and Amanda this week! Unfortunately, they’re not legally married. We have taught almost zero couples who are actually married, which is a little frustrating. But they are awesome! Benjamim came to church yesterday with his member friend and really liked it. And the Sunday School and Priesthood lessons on baptism and on chastity, which were both really good, were exactly what he wanted to hear.

I gave my first surprise talk since Boa Esperança yesterday haha. I found out I would be speaking when I heard, “Our next speaker will be Elder Maughan.” Oh, okay! So I grabbed my bag and planned my talk on the walk to the front of the chapel. It’s nice being a missionary and giving a talk because you can just say everything the investigators at church need to hear.

I love church here in Ilhabela! The members really are great. Everybody is very friendly and participates really well. And they all know each other! We brought a good number of less-active members to church yesterday, some of whom had not been to church for 15-20 years, and the oldest members of the branch still welcomed them like old friends. On Thursday we did a three-way split and each of us went with one member to visit lots of less-active members and investigators.

Well, I can’t think of much else to say! Sorry. I hope everybody is doing well. Have a great week!

Élder Maughan



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