Temples, Conferences, and High Winds

Hey family!

This was an exciting week. More work up and down the hills here on the island! (we feel so cool when we say “here on the island.”) This is my first area with steep hills, but it’s great. No pain, no gain, right? And sore legs build character.

Tuesday was a little strange–after district meeting in São Sebastião, Elder Timmons and Elder Schwantes and I were stranded outside of our area because the ferry boats–the only way to get to the island–were suspended due to high winds. So we did what missionary work we could in São Sebastião until the winds finally let up about 5:00. We felt kind of helpless! haha.

We started teaching a woman named Izabel this week–we went to go contact a referral, but she wasn’t at home, so we turned around and the house on the other side of the street had a Utah license plate nailed to the door. Well, none of us is from Utah, but we figured that was cool enough that we’d knock there. Turns out a missionary who WAS from Utah had had the same idea a few years back–Izabel already went to church once! She never went back, though, and since then her family’s gone through a few tough situations, and she’s had to amputate her leg, and this time around she is much more prepared to hear our message. She loved it, and said she’d like to be baptized! We also met a great young couple yesterday, Benjamim and Amanda. They are another member referral and our lesson with them was great.

Thursday and Friday I had a cool new experience–I’ve done lots of overnight stays on my mission, and I’ve been to a lot of conferences, but never at the same time! We left Ilhabela on Thursday morning to get to Santos that night for a conference the next morning. To be honest, going back to Santos felt like going home! I love Santos. We helped get ready for the conference, then the next morning we had the big conference with Presidente and Sister Puerta of the São Paulo temple. It was incredible! They talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, how the Spirit will help us teach and defend it. President Puerta is a very very happy man and a very exciting speaker. He knows the scriptures super super well, and he challenged us to get to know the scriptures better–not just memorized, but “by heart”. Sister Cabral also invited Elder Clark and me to sing at the conference, so we sang a version of “I Love to See the Temple” (well, actually, in Portuguese it’s just “I Like to See the Temple”).




After the conference, we had to wait at the bus station for a while, so our whole zone was doing contacts for a few hours there. Finally got back to our house in Ilhabela at 10:40 Friday night!

This week’s beautiful Ilhabela picture comes from our ferry ride to São Sebastião on Tuesday.

That’s the news from the island! Thanks for everything, love you all!
Élder Maughan



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