Waterfalls, coconuts, etc.

Hello everybody!

I was really sorry to hear the news about Adam Ward. Sister Cabral called me to let me know, and it was pretty sad–you don’t expect to get a call like that while you’re on the mission, or anytime. I really like what Melissa said–now we can celebrate his life, and now everybody knows how good of a man he was! We’re praying for his family.

This week on the island: Lots of hard work! We’ve had a lot of success working with the members here in the branch. Elder Timmons and I have been excited and happy since we got here and trying to get the members excited as well, and it’s been going great! I think for the first time in my mission, we’re having lots of success in receiving referrals from the members. And there are lots of good members who go out and teach with us! One young man, Rafael, leaves for his mission to Mozambique at the end of September and he’s been going out with us a lot.

We also found out this morning that we’ll have a new third companion here in Ilhabela! Elder Schwantes has been transferred to work with us in trio. We’re excited! He’s on his way here from Santos now, and he’ll get here tonight.

A few cool things that happened this week: Elder Timmons and I ran to Cachoeira da Toca this morning (see pictures); we’re practicing our cooking skills (chocolate-banana-oatmeal pancakes this morning!); we ran into two BYU students on their honeymoon here on the island (Both blonde, blue-eyed, wearing Utah Valley Marathon shirts and said “hey guys” as we walked past–who would have guessed they were Americans?); and Ilhabela is celebrating its 210th anniversary, which means there are big shows every night and some events during the day. There were some big road races as well–we cheered on some of the 50k runners as they passed us (one was just in jean shorts and sandals!) while we were walking.

Pictures (I don’t know which order they’re in): Us at the Cachoeira da Toca, me sipping água de coco (from a coconut that I picked fresh from a tree behind the São Sebastião chapel after a district meeting–that’s Ilhabela in the background), and I think two others of just normal views on the island. The photos are all taken from my phone, so I’ll leave it to Mom to, as Dad would say, “enhance the living daylights out of them.”

Thanks for all of the prayers and support! And how awesome that you got together with Elder Stokes’ family and (maybe?) Elder Winstanley’s brother! Love you all!

Élder Maughan







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