News from the First City in Brazil

Hey family!

How’s everybody doing? Everybody had great news for me this week! haha. Thanks for the updates!

This week I spent some time studying somewhere I don’t really read often–the Bible Dictionary! I decided I wanted to know a little more about the background of the scriptures, especially the Bible. It was great, I learned a lot! I feel like I really put a lot of things in perspective. The scriptures are just a record of the Lord’s church throughout the ages. The book itself is not what’s important, but the events it documents are incredibly sacred. And you start to get more out of the New Testament especially when you keep in mind the development and growth and struggles of the Church in the early years after Christ’s death. Anyway, it’s been a really cool study!

This week we had some great experiences–we’re teaching a woman named Maria (actually we’re currently teaching 4 Marias) who was having some trouble remembering how to pray. So we went over it with her and she practiced a few times and when she finally felt like she was doing it well, she said amen and lifted up her head and just had the hugest smile on her face! I loved to see that, I love it when I feel like somebody really understands what the Gospel can do for them. She was so happy to be able to pray any time she wanted, something she didn’t always believe.

We also taught a few new families this week. My favorite moments on the mission are when we’re just sitting in a circle with a family we just met, talking to them about the Restoration and reading scriptures and playing with the kids. Sometimes the family accepts the message and sometimes not so much, but I love offering what we have!

The subject line is just for your information haha. São Vicente is very proud of itself.

Well I hope everybody has a great week! Love you all!

Élder Maughan








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