We Are the Campeões

Hey family!

So remember that meeting a while back where we (the Americans) taught the Brazilians how to play baseball? Well last P-day we got challenged to a match of taco (that translates to “bat”, not “delicious Mexican food”) with Maicon and Leandro, some kids from our street. We were trash talking with them for weeks–they go to our English class and we see them pretty often on the street–so emotions were running pretty high when Elder Jenson and I rolled up in our athletic clothes on Monday afternoon. I think they thought we wouldn’t show. Well we found our tacos (some broken boards from the trash pile) and an old tennis ball and we spent a while figuring out how to play. If I knew enough about cricket I’d say it’s like cricket mixed with pickle. You play it kind of like baseball, except you have to run with the bat, you can’t steal on wild pitches, and there are no cutoff throws. I know because we tried all three of those and got laughed at by a bunch of Brazilian kids haha. Well we only played a game and a half before the ball was lost (into a neighbor’s yard), but I hope you’ll be proud to hear that we won! Actually I would say if I weren’t so modest that we crushed them. So we are the new coolest kids on the block. We’ll have a rematch sometime soon, but their summer vacation ends today and we convinced them that it would be better to not skip class.

We taught a man this week that we met almost a month ago, the day before he left for a trip to Minas Gerais. He was very interested, so we made sure to give him a Book of Mormon because we knew that he needed something to help him feel the Spirit while he was gone. Well he came back this week and not only had he read a lot of the book, but his sister asked to borrow it and is reading it right now! We’re going to visit them again tonight.

Of that family that we had been teaching last week, only 3 went to church, but it seems like they liked it! Our chapel is undergoing reforms so that’s cool. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the bright-green chapel before they painted it white haha. And they’re replacing the electric organ this week, which I think basically everybody is happy about, but nobody more so than me!

Last night we brought the grandmother-grandson who’ve been to church a few times to a family night with the family of the Rio Branco group leader, Adriano, and Patrícia and their children Julia and Rafael (who will be going on his mission to Salt Lake in November–we’ll definitely meet up there!). It was great! Adriano said something that I really liked–he said that everything he had ever worked for, temporally or spiritually, was the home that he has now. His home really does have a great spirit and they are always happy, and I was really glad that he mentioned that!

Sounds like everybody is doing really well at home! Things are great here too. This week was one of those weeks when I had lots of opportunity to work on my tan haha.

Hope everybody has a good week! Love you all!

Élder Maughan



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