Hello everybody!

This week was great. Tuesday we were in São Vicente for a zone conference with President Cabral, and then I went back on Tuesday night to work for a day in the São Vicente 2nd ward with Elder Roy Johnson, which was a lot of fun. It rained like crazy and we only got lost once! Then we ran back to Rio Branco to be back in time for English class on Wednesday night.




This week a girl named Alice was baptized in the ward! She’s the daughter of Vanessa, a recent convert. She was really excited, and the rest of the young women in the ward were too. Last night, like always, nothing went as planned at the baptism, but everything turned out great in the end!

So we’re pretty good friends with two young guys who work their family’s bakery/convenience store on the main avenue here in Rio Branco, and yesterday we stopped to talk with them. We mentioned that the rotisserie chickens that they had cooking looked really good, and it’s a shame that the bakeries only sell them on Sundays! Then we left and a few minutes later we were talking with a man a little farther down the street when suddenly one of the guys comes up on his bike and gives us a whole chicken and a 2-liter of soda! There are lots of good people in the world.

Elder Lindsey told me that the family that I was telling you about in Orquidário were baptized this week too! And one of our new member’s parents have been going to church every week, even though he’s on summer vacation with his cousins in Paraná. How awesome is that?!

This week we also taught a great new family. It was one of the best lessons I think I’ve ever taught. We taught them on Saturday night and we’ll go back this week!

Not much else to add. Pictures: the mexerica truck passed by during weekly planning, so we went running out into the road with R$5 and came back with plenty of fruit. And one of Alice, Vanessa, and friends last night at the baptism!



Love you all!
Élder Craig Maughan



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