Pillows and Tangerines

Hey family!

Everything is great here in Rio Branco!

The ward here is great. We’ve been teaching a lot with the members, especially with the young men. One of them got his mission call a few weeks ago to Salt Lake! He and his family are ecstatic. His dad is the president of the group here. Yesterday I gave a talk in church, which I hadn’t done in a long time! I talked about the importance of our choices and how we can decide to be learning, living, and sharing the gospel. I think it went pretty well.

Here’s a funny story from this week: so I accidentally left my pillow in Orquidário, and I’ve been using a pile of clothes. Well, that gets old after a while. And so a few days ago I was telling Elder Jenson how I needed a new pillow, and suddenly we turned a corner and there’s a pillow truck driving by. Just this huge truck selling pillows! I have never seen that before. So I went up to the driver and asked him if I could buy one. I think he was a little surprised to have a customer. (I love seeing the trucks and cars that drive by all the time with these huge speakers all day: “TANGERINES, CHEAP TANGERINES, BUY A BIG BUCKET SUPER FULL SUPER PACKED WITH DELICIOUS FLAVORFUL TANGERINES JUST 5 REAIS, CALL YOUR MOM, CALL YOUR DAD, COME TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT DEAL AND BUY SOME TANGERINES, CHEAP TANGERINES….”)(actually the tangerine car guy is super nice, he gave us some free tangerines the other day. They really are delicious and flavorful.)

We’ve been teaching lots and lots of people here in Rio Branco. Unfortunately, most of those people we only teach once! But there are a few families that we’re working with. Yesterday a woman came with her 9-year-old grandson to church, and she liked it a lot! And her grandson couldn’t stop talking about how great all his new friends were and how much he learned about Jesus. There’s also a man who’s engaged to a returning member. He’ll be baptized when they’re married in September!

So far I’ve been really liking the area here! Not much more news to tell. This week we’ll be in São Vicente for a zone conference tomorrow, then we’ll be going back on Wednesday.

Here’s a random picture! I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but from this hill you can see all the way to Praia Grande.

Love you all, have a great week!

Élder Maughan



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