First Week in Rio Branco

Hello everybody!

We’re doing really well here in Rio Branco. I’m really liking the area here! It’s small, but there are lots of people to teach. The ward boundaries have actually been divided into two, and so we work with one other companionship of elders in the Rio Branco group, which is about the same size as the Rio Branco Ward. There are usually about 85 people at church. The other wards here in the stake are Humaitá, Parque das Bandeiras, Parque Bitaru, and the São Vicente 2nd Ward, which are also part of the same zone of 18 elders!

Elder Jenson and I live with Elders Santos de Oliveira (from Brasília) and Guimarães (from the state of Minas Gerais), and we have a lot of fun together! Rio Branco is more rural than any of my other areas except maybe Mongaguá. Here’s a picture of our street!

Most of the people here work in São Vicente or Santos. The group members here are really nice! We had an activity on Thursday night where everybody got together at the chapel and we set up some tables with Liahonas and church books and popcorn and juice and we invited people who passed by to learn more about the church or tour the chapel. And everybody was really into it, especially the youth! They started running (sometimes literally!) up and down the street to talk to everybody.

We’ve been having some really cool experiences here. For example, on Wednesday after the mission conference, we had a goal to teach 4 lessons. Well when we got back to Rio Branco it was already evening, but we taught 3 lessons, but with only a few minutes left before time to go home we still needed one more. So we stopped and prayed about where we should go, and then felt like we should try one door near our house. Well, the man who answered the door told us that his name was Rodrigo and how strange that we managed to catch him at home because he’s always working and yes, he would like to hear our message about how his family can be together forever! It has been great to see how the Lord helps us meet our goals when we work hard and sacrifice.

The conference was great! President talked about sacrifice, there was a really really good question-and-answer session with President. and Sister Cabral talked about the Priesthood. It was a little sad because there are so many missionaries leaving this transfer and next, and we probably won’t get to see them before they go. But we took lots of pictures hahah. Here’s one of Elder DeBaltzo, Elder Thurgood, me, and Elder Lindsey.

It feels good to be back in the field, full-time! There’s nothing to distract me from my work now. It’s almost like starting my mission again!

Sounds like everything is going well at home! Love you all, have a great week!

Élder Maughan



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