Road Trip and Churrasco!

Hey family! Happy America Day!

Found an album called “motab–spirit of america” on my mp3 player today, so patriotism was pretty strong in our house this morning.

On Tuesday, I went with President to Registro (with a stop at the district meeting in my old area Mongaguá)! It was super last-minute. I had never been that far south in the mission! After you get past Mongaguá and Itanhaém and Peruíbe, it’s all just banana farms until Registro haha. Anyway, it was great because we just had the chance to chat with President for like 8 hours in the car. And he knows a thing or two! So I learned a LOT. We talked about everything from the house of Israel to the oath and covenant of the priesthood to modern church organization. And President has this way of teaching without giving knowledge away–I mean, he helps you come to your own conclusions and figure things out on your own. I don’t really know why I went with him to Registro though haha. Maybe that’s a sign that I’ll be transferred there tomorrow haha. Although he’s been joking that I’m going to Caraguatatuba, which I know Melissa would like because it’s so fun to say! haha.

This week we started teaching a family of three–a mom and her two sons. We found out after the first lesson that her ex-husband is a member, and her oldest son (12) is baptized! He is super cute, at the end of the first lesson he prayed and said something like “and please help us to go to church almost every sunday” hahaha.

Yankon is also doing really well! He got really sick last Sunday and wasn’t at church, so today he pulled me aside after english class and asked me if I could review with him how to bless the Sacrament since he’ll do it for the first time tomorrow. He told us he’s thinking about dropping the college courses he does so he can go to seminary! (We explained Home Study to him haha.)

I’m having a lot of fun working with Elder Lindsey! It’s a little strange when you know that you’ll only have a companion for a week and half, so we’re trying to make the most of it. We’ve been doing a lot of teaching together, which is always a good thing.

Mom, that’s really cool that you met someone from Ponta da Praia! You said he lives on Canal 7, which is where I was about an hour ago haha. Today was awesome! We got up, made brownies, went to English class (and I said bye to everybody there, which was a little sad), then headed to Ponta da Praia because we had lunch scheduled with President! We took a bus there, which means an opportunity to do lots of contacts, and then when we got off the bus we just happened to wander into a huge press conference-type thing in the road with a bunch of police officers and firefighters and suddenly I realized we were standing like 10 feet from Alckmin, who’s the governor of São Paulo! haha. Not something that happens every day.

Well, President is somewhat of a Brazilian barbecue connoisseur, so somehow we ended up at this super-fancy churrascaria buffet. We spent like 3 hours there, just eating delicious barbecue! He and his wife and 3 of his daughters were there as well. By far the fanciest lunch I’ve had on the mission, but definitely worth it!





Well I’ll maybe be writing again on Monday, depending on where I go with this transfer. I’ll find out tomorrow night, and I can’t say I’m not a little nervous/excited!

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Craig Maughan



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