Mission calls and Transfers!

Hey everyone!

This week I got some great news–Rodolfo’s mission call came! I found out through the elders who are in Cubatão now, and then Elder Veneziano and I called him together. He was called to the South Africa Cape Town mission, where he’ll be speaking English! He was so so excited and just kept talking about how great it was and how thankful he was that he had found the Gospel. I know he will be an incredible missionary! He’s more prepared than anyone I’ve ever known to serve a mission, and he has been entirely dedicated to a mission since the day he was baptized. He’ll enter the MTC in South Africa in November! Here’s a photo of his mission call opening–it looks like the whole Cubatão Ward showed up!


On Tuesday I found out that I’ll be leaving Orquidário at the end of this transfer! Which made me a little sad–I really like the ward here, and working in Santos is great. I had been feeling like things are going really well–we were integrating the new converts in the ward well, I was working well together with Elder Rodgers, and I wasn’t having any trouble with the office work. Well I guess that meant that I had done what I could to learn the lessons the Lord wanted to teach me here. Time for the next class, as President would put it! So I’ll be training Elder Lindsey, from Arizona, to be the next executive secretary, until the transfer on the 5th of July, and then I’ll be transferred. It’s really strange knowing that you’ll be transferred for sure but not knowing to where or with which companion hahah. But I’ll do everything I can in the next few weeks to get Elder Lindsey ready for Orquidário and prepare myself to leave!

Last night, we did a division and I worked in Ponta da Praia with Elder Resende, and that was cool. Ponta da Praia is really rich, and there are not a lot of people on the streets like there are in most parts of Orquidário. So finding people to teach is an adventure!

Tomorrow is ward conference, which means the performance of the choir of our English class as well. They seem pretty nervous haha. But also excited. We told them not to worry, if they sing the words wrong nobody will know anyway.

Here’s a fun picture we took after church on Sunday–Elder Rodgers, Elder Woodbury, Sister Felix, Yankon (who was baptized a few weeks ago and received the Priesthood on Sunday–we taught him how to bless the sacrament after church and it was one of the best experiences of my mission), Mêrcia (a young woman from Orquidário who entered the MTC on Wednesday), Elder Baptista, Síster Sodó, e eu.



Sounds like things are going well where you all are! I don’t know where anyone is, of course. Ohio, Idaho, New York, Indiana, and Russia? Did I guess it right?

Have a great week, I love you all!

Elder Craig Maughan



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