The British are going, the British are going…

Hey family!

Not too much news to report this week, sorry!

There was a surprise change on Monday when Elder Kagi was transferred to Casqueiro unexpectedly. So the office no longer has that same European feel to it haha. We were pretty sad to see him go. So now the ward has just two companionships of elders and one companionship of sisters (still one of the most missionary-filled wards in the mission!).

The Orquidário ward conference will be next Sunday! We’ve put together a choir from our English class and we’ll be performing “A Child’s Prayer” during the meeting. It’s actually turning out really well! When we first started practicing, they didn’t know how to pronounce the words and I played horribly on the piano. But we’ve been practicing every Tuesday after class with Marcelo, a member from the ward who is our director.

It was really rainy this week, and relatively cold! Like, high 50s. But when you’re soaked through, high 50s is pretty cold, alright?

This week we started teaching a few really interesting new people: a young couple that just moved here from the state of Sergipe, an artist who paints huge murals and has some works in the Pelé Museum here in Santos, a man who has basically visited every single church in Santos, and some more. I’ll let you know how they all go!

Hope everybody has a great week, love you all!

Élder Craig Maughan



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