Yogurt, Wheelchairs, and Baptism

I try to pick exciting subjects for my letters so people will want to read them haha.

Boa tarde!

This week was great–we just got back from the baptism of Yan, which was really really good. His parents were really supportive, there were tons of people there (we coordinated it with mutual and with English class), and best of all, he was really happy. It has been great meeting with him–he’s 16 but really understands what we talk about. And he wants his parents to see his good example and the change it will make in his life. The other young men in the ward are excited to have a new friend too!

I think what I’ve noticed about baptisms on the mission (and a lot of other things in life) is that there’s always something that goes wrong at the last minute, and then it always ends up working out! For example, this morning we showed up at the chapel to find that the man who had borrowed the chapel keys from us had taken them to São Paulo this morning, and the bishop and first counselor had gone as well. And all of the English class students (30-40 in our Saturday class) were waiting outside the chapel! So we were a little bit stressed haha. But anyway, suddenly the Young Women president showed up in her car, then sped off to the ward secretary’s house to get the key. English class went great and I had lots of time to prepare for the baptism too because they had a baby shower (that’s “baby tea” in Portuguese) in the intermediate class. Anyway, it all went really well, and on top of that, after the baptismal ordinance had happened, a family from the ward who are really good friends with Yan came up to me and said “Elder, do you think it would be alright if our family sang ‘Families Can Be Together Forever’ as a surprise hymn for his family?”

So I guess I’ll explain the rest of the title: on Thursday Elder Kagi and I ended up pushing a sister in a wheelchair down Av. Ana Costa after a surgery. She was pretty drowsy, and kept falling asleep and almost off the wheelchair haha. Anyway, Ana Costa is a pretty packed street, so we got plenty of weird looks. Also, on Monday, a sister from the ward insisted that she was going to drop off groceries at our house. So she came by and left us ham, cheese, bread, and like 20 liters of yogurt (the drinkable kind. Does that exist in the US?)! Needless to say we drank a lot of yogurt for a few days.

The work has been going really well in Orquidário! We’re working hard and having lots of great experiences. Thank you for all your help! I love getting letters and postcards and emails from all of you. Have a great week!

Com amor,
Élder Maughan

Photos Sister Cabral shared of last week’s meetings (and pizza party):









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