Hey everybody!

Hey family!

So this week was really good. We visited our English class investigator and his family several times, and he is doing really well! The young men and young women organizations in the Orquidário Ward are the best I’ve seen in the whole mission, and they do a great job of integrating the new young members. There’s a young man who was baptized I think two weeks ago, and as soon as our investigator walked into the chapel on Sunday, the new member and a few other young men immediately just grabbed him and they were practically best friends at sight. We found out that they brought him to seminary and mutual this week as well, and we didn’t even have to ask them! He’ll be baptized on the 13th. His mom also said that she feels that our message is true, but she wants to wait for her husband to be baptized. I don’t think he really wants to believe in the gospel, so it’s difficult to see that he is keeping her from joining the church! But we’ll keep working with them all.

On Monday we had a meeting in São Vicente with President and Sister Cabral, which (as always) was great. We practiced giving short, direct lessons, and working with members. President also talked a little about temples. And 25 pizzas (including 5 brigadeiro pizzas) doesn’t hurt a meeting either! On Wednesday in Zone Conference, we learned some more and practiced more of the same stuff.

So today after English class we had lunch with an awesome woman in the ward–she’s extremely frank and always really funny! hahah. And then we had a surprise service project afterward carrying lumber. I am amazed that we managed to pull it off without totally destroying our white shirts haha. But I like that kind of work!

I’m not sure I can come up with anything else to tell for this week. One cool part of working in the office is that we get to listen to music a lot. We usually listen to instrumental hymns or Motab or whatever else Sister Cabral sends us links to haha. But this week we also started listening to an oratorio called “Lamb of God” by Rob Gardner. Even though there are some parts that are a little too theatre-y for me, I really really like some parts! It’s very powerful.

Thanks for everything! Have a great week, love you all!

Élder Craig Maughan



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