Transfers, Police, other exciting things!

Hey family!

Well I guess you’ve probably seen some pictures from this week already. Transfers! Always very very busy, but now at least a little less stressful than they were the first time or two haha. No changes in the office at all! And the assistants stayed the same as well, so our house didn’t change. We were all happy about that.

One thing I was really excited to see was that Elder Sharp is training! Elder Stokes, who trained him, and I were super pumped for him haha. I think he was really really nervous though. I told him that was okay, the first time I trained my hands shook for like two days until I finally found out who my companion would be.

This week was one of the most work-filled weeks in the office–two new Americans need to get their documents, and a lot of other brand-new Polícia Federal business because the government has decided to actually start granting visa renewals, which we don’t usually worry about after just applying for them. Anyway, I can see you all nodding off already so I won’t go into detail about that haha.

We started teaching a man this week who goes to our English class. He’s a really friendly guy, and he’s really open to religion. He said he already knows the Book of Mormon is true, so we’re trying to help him realize what that really means. He also might have some problems with the Word of Wisdom, since he asked me if it’s cold enough in NY that you can keep beer outside without it going warm haha.

We’re also teaching the family of a young man who came to our English class–he’s really interested and would like to be baptized. I’ll keep you posted on them!

Here’s a picture of Santos that I took a few weeks back. That hill in the background is Monte Serrat (on the day I took this, Santos won some sort of important soccer game and they had run a Santos team flag up the pole where the Brazilian flag normally is haha). That’s Canal 1 down there, the largest of the canals in Santos.


And a picture of the view from our room in the morning!


That’s it from Orquidário this week! Love you all!

Elder Maughan



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