Hey Family!

Here’s some pictures from this week:

The baptism of Mauro! That’s his mother Maria. He asked Elder Rodgers to baptize him. Then there’s Elder Kagi and me! Mauro and Maria went to São Paulo this week because Maria had eye surgery, so we’re praying she’ll recover quickly so she can be at church this Sunday.

So here’s the view looking toward Santos from the apartment of a member’s house. This is near the very end of our area, on the little stretch of land between the ocean and the hill where Santos meets São Vicente. You might have to check out google maps to figure out what I’m talking about haha. Anyway, the patch of trees in the background on the right is the Orquidário, and the chapel is just on the other side of it. In the foreground is the very fancy “Clube dos Ingleses” (Club of the English). Those are clay tennis courts, by the way, and last P-day we stopped by there to see if it would be possible for us to play a match there. The response was a very curt “no” haha.

More pictures of Santos! From the same apartment. Most of the members in Orquidário live in apartment buildings like these ones. Santos is full of 2- or 3-story buildings like the ones on the right, but there are also a bunch of taller ones. It’s really different from the rest of the areas I’ve passed in! Boa Esperança has just houses, and Cubatão and Mongaguá are more like cities but a lot smaller. If you want to see what Santos looks like, we found out this week that Google Maps now has a fancy 3D rendering of it that’s kind of mind-blowing. Bonus points to anyone who finds the streets in these pictures!

I’m trying to remember other cool stories from this week. Yesterday Elder Woodbury and I had an impromptu service project on our run up Monte Serrat–we helped an old man carry bags of cement up part of the hill. I don’t think I’ve ever carried something so heavy in my whole life haha. We were DYING. And the old man wasn’t even flinching. My legs had kind of gotten used to the run (without cement) but when I came back I could hardly walk up the stairs to our apartment!

Oh we had a birthday party for Sister Miranda yesterday too during lunch (which was at the office since we didn’t actually have lunch with a member). Here’s another photo!

Well I think I deserve an award for sending 4 photos in a single email. But that’s all the news from here for now! Have a great week!

Elder Craig Maughan



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