Pictures of Santos

Hey family!

I’m not sure what to write, since I’ll talk to you tomorrow haha.

On Tuesday afternoon we had a zone conference with President and Sister Cabral and their daughter Thamirys who just got back from her mission to Panama. We definitely learned a lot! We talked a lot about setting goals. About halfway through, one of the circuits in the chapel blew and we needed the projector so we all ran to the office from the chapel to finish there. Quite the adventure!

We have been meeting with our investigators every day this week and one will be baptized tonight! Unfortunately his mother is sick and doesn’t feel ready to be baptized. We were really sad when we heard that yesterday, but I know that she’ll be baptized soon. And hopefully he will be able to receive the Priesthood in time to baptize his mother! That will be great.

We spent Monday helping a family from our ward move, which was super tiring but a lot of fun! And last night the ward had a Mother’s Day activity. Earlier today we ate lunch with a wonderful family who’s been going to our English class.

We’re working hard and having fun! I can’t come up with anything else to share, so here’s two pictures of Santos. One’s Avenida Francisco Glicério, which is the big road we take to get to our chapel, and the other’s Canal 1. Santos is divided by a bunch of parallel canals, and this one is the biggest. Now you know!

Love you all, talk to you tomorrow!
Elder Maughan



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