Miracles in Orquidário!

Hey family!

This week in Santos was great. On Sunday morning, right before meetings started, a man walked into the chapel looking for information about our English class. We invited him to stay, and he agreed! He stayed for all three hours and really enjoyed it. We marked a visit with him the next evening. I was in an exchange but Elder Kagi and Elder Rodgers visited him and they said the lesson was amazing! He had already tried fasting–the topic of Sunday’s Gospel Principles Class. He and his mother want to be baptized! She’ll go to church again with him on Sunday and they’ll be baptized on Saturday, the 9th.





On Monday we had a meeting with President and Sister Cabral and some of the other elders from around the mission [Thanks for the photos, Sister Cabral!] and one of the things we talked a lot about was working with the people the Lord has prepared. We’d been wasting a lot of time working with people who aren’t progressing, and one of the reasons behind that was that we hadn’t been finding a lot of new people to work with–so a lot of us were reluctant to drop investigators because we didn’t know who else we would teach! But now we’re finding and teaching more people, which allows us to be more selective in our teaching pool and focus on the right people. The mother we’re teaching, for example, is someone who definitely has been prepared by the Lord! She’s about 60. She said she smoked and drank for 40 years, before suddenly deciding to stop. She quit both, cold turkey, and when we talked about the Word of Wisdom yesterday she immediately agreed to stop drinking coffee and gave us what she had to take with us (as a side note, my bag smells like coffee haha).

This week was a really happy week for us–this month, the Santos mission baptized more people than it ever has before, breaking the record by 20. We’re learning how to work more effectively, how to work with the Spirit, and how to help people come unto Christ! President was really, really happy, also because we achieved the baptismal goal that the Area Seventy had given to our mission. Also, his daughter got home yesterday from her mission in Panama! So a good week for him (and all of us) overall.

So most of this week we spent contacting people, teaching lots of lessons, getting really really soaked in the rain (the bishop’s wife gave us a bunch of towels to dry off and some herbal tea to warm up), having fun with Elder Kagi (who’s the funniest Englishman I know), and running up Monte Serrat in semi-dangerous hours of the morning (Elder Thurgood and I really wanted to do it, and he had to catch a bus at 6:15am), and things are going great!

They tell me there’s some sort of mothers’ holiday coming up next week, so I guess I’ll talk to you all really soon! Until then! Love you all!

Elder Maughan



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