One Last Temple Cantata

Olá família!

Hope everyone had a great week! Things are good here in Santos. We’re teaching a man who’s about 30 years old, and it’s going really well! This week he decided he wanted to be baptized. He works as a doorman/concierge/doorkeeper (?) in one of the apartment buildings right by the church, and he lives close to the church as well.

We’re also still working a lot with another investigator–helping him understand more about prayer and the importance of the church. He understands really well when we teach, and he’s excited to learn more! We taught him a summarized version of the Plan of Salvation in like 5 minutes, and that was enough for him to explain back to us everything he learned, and on top of that, bear testimony about the importance of God´s plan!

Last Saturday night we had our last temple cantata performance, in the Praia Grande stake. I got to see a lot of old friends from Mongaguá! It was also, I thought, our best performance of all, which is nice because we won’t be doing any more programs like this. Afterward President got us all together to tell us how it had been his dream to do a presentation like this to the stakes of the mission and he was grateful to us for realizing his dream.

[In the above video, Craig and Elder Stokes are practicing the duet O Coração dos Pais Está Voltando — The Hearts of the Fathers Are Turning — for the temple cantata. Their voices blend wonderfully! The missionaries represent one person in the past (Elder Stokes) and another in the present (Elder Maughan). Sister Cabral, the mission president’s wife, said, “In the presentation, Elder Stokes used an old hat and suspenders and Elder Maughan had a Family History booklet in his hands. They did great! Many cried seeing them hug in the end, remembering their own ancestors and the family History they are doing.” ]

The beginning of this week was pretty hectic–transfers! We spent most of Sunday and Monday in the office helping out with the departure of a bunch of sisters and coordinating the transfer (and no emergency travel plan changes this time!). Then on Tuesday the new assistants and the trainers and I went to president’s house to meet the new arrivals–9 Brazilians, 1 Portuguese and 1 Mexican. They seem great!

A few changes here in the area–Elder Gomes left, and Elder Kagi is here now! He’s from southern England, which means that we’re all speaking English and Portuguese with British accents. He is kind of the free agent of the office–President said he’s just here for a little while, and he doesn’t actually have an official companion! He’s been making a lot of tea, though. So no complaints here. Sister Sodó, who was with us in Orquidário, is now training one sister and finishing the training of another, in trio!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print this week. Love you all, thanks for the letters and prayers!

Elder Maughan



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