How to Save Money by Joining the Church

Hey everybody!

This week was really good. It started off with conference, which of course was great! We watched it in the stake center in Jabaquara. It is always so great to watch conference!

We’ve been teaching a few new people this week. I think I have my first atheist investigator! I’ve taught a few people who didn’t believe in God or Christ, but I’ve never really worked a lot with them (sometimes they don’t really like us very much). But we’ve been teaching one this week! He doesn’t believe there is a God but he says he wants to believe and wishes he could believe like everyone else does. (Here’s one reason, in his words: “Look, I smoke a pack a day and drink a good amount of beer. If I turn into a believer, just think of the money I would save!”) But really, he wants to know there is a God. We talked about his desire to believe and are studying Alma 32 with him.

We’re also teaching a man who is about 60 years old, a lawyer, and is learning English. After our second lesson, we left him with a Book of Mormon and asked him to read 3 Nephi 11. When we came back, he had written a 3-page “summary”! (that’s longer than the actual chapter, by the way.) We’re going with him to church tomorrow.

Tonight we’ll be presenting our cantata in the São Vicente stake, and tomorrow in the Serra do Mar stake. We’re pretty excited for that!

That’s fun to hear that Elder Bringhurst is back! Now that I think about it, I bet a bunch of my friends from my first year at BYU should be coming back from their missions pretty soon. That’s a little strange haha. Taking care of the departures of the missionaries on the mission is weird as well! This week I bought the plane tickets for a lot of my friends on the mission who only have a few months left. It’s weird to think that it ends so soon.

Hope everybody is doing really well! Enjoying the lovely spring weather and all that. Have an awesome week!



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