Birthday surprises!

Hey family!

This week there were some changes in the office (it seems like there are always changes in the office!). Elder Gomes is now training Elder Woodbury as the next financial secretary, and I’m companions with Elder Rodgers (the materials and houses secretary) and Elder Baptista. Elder Baptista has some problems with his knee, so he’s helping us out in the office.

Things are going really well! We’re still teaching Tiago, and we had a really spiritual lesson with him and a member on Thursday. We read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about how Christ made possible the path from sin to salvation, and Tiago seemed really touched! His cousin has been giving him a lot of support as well and will be coming to visit next week, so they’ll get to go to church together.

English class has also been going really well! Today there were a bunch of new people there.

Some other cool things that happened this week:

The departure of a lot of sisters on Monday! It was a little sad to see so many of them go. And we were pretty busy! The two American sisters missed their bus to São Paulo, among other hiccups haha. I also got a call from a panicked Brazilian sister at 1:00am on Tuesday, who called from the airport in Natal. That was kind of a problem because she’s from Fortaleza haha. I woke up pretty quickly, seeing as how my heart stopped when she said that. So I may or may not have run to the office at 1:30 in the morning to fix that…but it turned out alright!

My birthday! It was really great. Elder Woodbury and I woke up early and ran to Monte Serrat (here’s a picture that I thought was really cool of me holding up a ’20’ [pay no attention to the ’10’ on the shirt], and then Elder Woodbury totally outdid me with his handstand).



Then we had an appointment in the morning, and when I came back to the office, the sisters from Orquidário came to pick up the money for lunch, and some missionaries from Embaré came by with a cake. Then they sent me to the back office and when I came back in they had made good use of the candles, balloons, and banners Mom sent to make a surprise party. It was a lot of fun! Although very short haha. Sister Dalton makes delicious gluten-free cakes. Later we also broke open the piñata. Not much happened during proselyting last night. Then this morning at english class they had a surprise breakfast for me! So it was a very good birthday. Thanks for everything!

In other news, tomorrow we will be staying in the whole day–no church, no lunch, no visits, nothing. Something about nationwide protests…. So we’ll be doing a lot of studying and practicing! And getting ready for the visit from Elder Aidukaitis this week! I’ll let you know next week how that went.

Love you all!
Elder Maughan



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