Field Trip!

Hey family!

If it makes you all feel better, this week was a little bit less hot in Santos too. So I know how you’re feeling about all this cold weather.

Transfers are next week! I kind of forgot that missionaries in the field get transferred too–I worry a lot more about the missionaries who are going home or arriving in the field haha. So I’ve been pretty busy in the office this week putting together all the documents for the new missionaries (7 Brazilians) and the departing ones (14 in total, 12 sisters!). Lots of stuff to do. It adds a whole new level of excitement to transfers!

This week I went to São Paulo! Don’t worry, President authorized it. An American elder here had to go do an all-day medical exam there, and I accompanied him. We left at 4:00am to take the bus up the mountains out of the “Santos Lowlands” (Baixada Santista, which is the name of the geographical region of our mission) to the high plains of São Paulo. It was very strange! I felt very out-of-place while we were there. But it was cool to see the city. We took the metro and everything, so we felt like locals. It must be very different to serve there! We ended up getting home at about 9:45 that night. The descent back to the mission is cool–as you come down you can see Santos and São Vicente and Praia Grande and Cubatão from the mountain highway.

Last night I was on splits with Elder Sharp and we went to a ward activity they had in Embaré–a movie night! There weren’t a lot of people there, but a few people who were getting to know the church went and really enjoyed it.

This week Elder Gomes and I visited Tiago de novo, it went really well! And we also had a really cool family home evening with a part-member family. The dad, who’s not a member, invited a few of his friends and they had a lot of really sincere questions about the church that we were able to answer. We showed that clip from last Easter, “Because of Him”, which is always really spiritual. (On that note, we’re really excited for the new Easter program, “Because He Lives”!) We’ll be back there tomorrow!

That’s the news from Orquidário! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, have a great week!

Elder Maughan



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