Fall Cleaning

Hey family!

This week’s highlight was a conference with the Santos and Cubatão zones and President and Sister Cabral on Wednesday. One of the best conferences I’ve had on the mission! Presidente spoke about improving our teaching skills, and I definitely saw a lot of things I can do to improve! One thing that really stuck out to me was when he talked about using the scriptures–it’s like we’re inviting Nephi, or James, or Isaiah, or Joseph Smith, or the Lord Himself to teach with us when we use their words.

President also spoke about the importance of the home and how the Spirit confirms to us when what we’re doing is right. He spoke a lot on a few other doctrinal topics that were really helpful for me to hear and I learned a ton! Sister Cabral also spoke on sacrifice, how we can make our time on the mission sacred, and the scriptural phrase “he opened not his mouth.”

President also announced that from now on, we’ll be staying in each area for at least 6 months between transfers. I was already expecting that as secretary, but it’s a big change! Of course, with arrivals and exits of missionaries and other special cases, it’s not going to be all the time, but except in those cases. That will give us a lot more time to work with the ward and the members and the recent converts in the areas where we work!

Speaking of special cases, Elder Eufrásio, the materials secretary, has been here in Orquidário for 6 months and will be leaving soon. So now he’s training Elder Rodgers as the new materials secretary! So now they’re companions and my companion is Elder Gomes. He’s from near Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil, and he’s a really good missionary! We’re already having a good time together. He’s also the financial secretary.

We spent a long time this week cleaning our house, which it definitely needed haha. With 10 elders, things get a little messy sometimes. But it’s all clean now! Much better.

That’s it for this week! Hope everything is going well at home, talk to you next week!




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