Hey everyone!

The beginning of this week was pretty strange–Carnaval started on Saturday and went until Tuesday or Wednesday. I haven’t quite figured out the point of Carnaval, but I guess it had something to do with Catholicism and Lent in the past. Now everything in the whole city closes and everybody just drinks all night on the beach. It sounds like the parties are pretty tame in Santos compared with some other parts of the country, so it didn’t affect our work schedule too much, but it was really weird because in the mornings and even early afternoon the entire city was dead quiet. And then at nights there was a lot more movement than usual!

Last Saturday night we met with one of our investigators and his son, and we watched the Restoration video with them. I was feeling kind of stressed when we got there, but when we started watching the movie it was much more calm, and they seemed to really like it! The dad went to church on Sunday and we’re hoping they’ll all be there tomorrow. We’re also working another man, whose cousin (a member of the church from Cosmopolis, SP) was visiting and saw us in the street and told us to visit him. He just moved to Santos recently and is a really great guy! He knows and admires a lot of members of the church and told us he’d really like to study more about it. We’re visiting him tonight.

This morning we had English class again, it’s a lot of fun! We try to involve as many members and non-members as we can. I’m teaching the basic class this time, and I’m generally following the English book that the Brazilian missionaries get. Today we learned about conjugating verbs in the present tense! Exciting stuff. We always end the classes with a quick message about the Gospel.

This week in the office I was doing a lot of planning for the missionaries that will be leaving in March and April–we’ll be losing 27, of whom 25 are sisters! Right now there are about 155 missionaries in the field here (with 2 more elders visa-waiting in the states). But I think the number will go down a little bit–we’re not going to receive as many missionaries as we’re losing.

Hey, here’s some photos of the morning run that Elder Sharp and I did I think two weeks ago to the top of Monte Serrat. We did it with Elder Clark again this week, but it was raining and we didn’t take any photos. Most of these are looking south toward the ocean–our area is in the far back right, southwest corner of Santos. That quarter of the city, more or less. Also, in the photo with the sunrise, the sunrays are falling right on Boa Esperança, my first area.







That’s the news! Thanks for everything, love you all!

Elder Maughan



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