Guess who’s back together!

Hey everyone!

Surprise transfers! (I think those happen a lot in our mission haha.) There are now 4 of us here in the office–Elder Rodgers is my new companion here! He’s been having some problems with his feet and now he’s here with us where we don’t walk as much as the other missionaries. He helps the other three of us out in a lot of ways here. Not very many missionaries get to have the same companion twice! haha. It’s great because we’ve both learned a lot since we were together in the MTC and so we can see the progress we’ve made!

This week our zone has been spending a lot of time in each other’s areas–there are four areas here (Jabaquara, Embaré, Ponta da Praia, and Orquidário) and we’re doing group efforts to try to find new investigators and work with old ones. Yesterday we were in Jabaquara! I was in division with Elder Seixas, who works there with Elder Goldade, and it was a lot of fun to get to know him a little better and we had the chance to visit with a bunch of people in their area! This afternoon we’ll be hosting the same type of activity in Orquidário. It’s nice having the office here in the zone because it’s easy for the missionaries to do things like print out maps or invitations. Of course, the hardest part is that it’s my job to help the missionaries stay productive– come in, get what you need, get out! haha.

The office is still going well! This week a Peruvian sister and her companion had to go to the Peruvian consulate in São Paulo, and so that was a little stressful haha–she needed to redo some really important documents and I had a fun time this week trying to communicate in Spanish with the consulate trying to figure out what on earth she needed! But, happily, the sisters made it to the consulate and back without getting lost and they got the right documents so hopefully nobody will be deported. All good things.

That’s awesome about Tanner’s mission call! Tell him congratulations, he’ll be a great missionary. Sounds like everyone in Glenville is coming back from their missions, I guess I’ll be a little late! haha.

Still having a few technical problems with the camera/card, so I’ll just hope that maybe Sister Cabral posted some pictures this week haha.

That’s the news from here! Happy late birthday, Dad, and happy early birthday, Mom! Love you all!

Elder Maughan



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