Conheça os Mórmons

This week we had transfers, as well as a mission conference. The transfer came out on Sunday night with some big changes! In the office now are just Elder Gomez, Elder Eufrásio, and me. So we’re in a trio! We haven’t had a lot of chance to work together yet, since it’s been a busy week, and I’ve also spent a lot of time in trio with the new assistants, Elder DeBaltzo and Elder Clark. Elder Thurgood, my old companion, is in Caraguatatuba, about 6 hours from here by bus!

The new missionaries, 5 elders, arrived on Tuesday morning! It was really fun to be on the other side of the arrival–I was remembering when I first showed up at the mission office in March, wide-eyed and really quiet haha. (now that I actually speak Portuguese I’m not nearly as quiet.) After they dropped off their bags here at the office, they headed to the mission home, and we went over there with the trainers after lunch to do the new trainees presentation. There was a little bit of pressure, since Elder DeBaltzo (who was executive secretary when I got to the field) always made his presentations hilarious, so I felt like my first one had to be the same way! But I think it went really well, everyone had a good time.

Setting up for the new missionary training

Playing Called to Serve

Some of the new missionaries didn’t go to their new, distant areas until later in the week because of the conference on Thursday. Also my first time participating in the planning of a mission conference! But it went well. President spoke about weaknesses and challenges in the morning, and about how the things that are hardest for us to do, the commandments that are hardest for us to live, are the ones that will exalt us in the end–he called those things the “true gifts that we deposit on the Lord’s altar.” We also talked about what we’ll be doing to prepare for the visit of Presidente Aidukaitis in March! [Click to enlarge the mission photo. Craig is in the back row. Thanks, Sister Cabral, for ALL the photos!]

Then after lunch, President surprised the mission by announcing that he was going to play the “Meet the Mormons” film! (Well, actually, Elders DeBaltzo and Clark and I were there when he got the DVD and said he would show it at the conference, so it wasn’t much of a surprise for us haha.) It sounds like the church has agreed to show the film in cinemas in South America, so they’ve asked the mission presidents to show the missionaries so we’ll know how to talk about it with people who see it in theaters. What a great movie! I really liked all the stories–I think the one about the man from Nepal was my favorite, or maybe the football coach. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, though.

That’s mostly it! We were pretty busy with stuff in the mission this week, and we didn’t have a lot of time to go out and work with our investigators. We did get to teach one family, they’re doing well and will be at church on Sunday!

Well I remembered the camera this week, but we’re having some technical problems and I may or may not be missing some photos. I’ll see if I can send them later today!

Have a great week, love you all!

Elder Maughan



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