“Why are those men carrying a mattress on their heads?”

Hey family!

So I think on Sunday (last Sunday) I learned a really good lesson about agency and prayer and how the Lord blesses us. Our investigators had all told us they’d be going to church on Sunday, but at 9:10 nobody had come. We kept up hope that they would be there, and we were praying for them to come too. We sat through sacrament meeting a little sad because we didn’t have anyone visiting church with us, and then about 15 minutes before the end, one of them walked in! He had just arrived home from São Paulo about 15 minutes before, and he loved the last 15 minutes of church–when we sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” he became very emotional and told us that he thought it was wonderful.

This week we visited our other investigator a few more times, and it was great. There’s always a great spirit when we teach them and they’re very friendly! We taught them about the Book of Mormon this week, among other things, and I thought it went really well! We used it to answer some of his questions about why John the Baptist needed to baptize Jesus, and he said that it made a lot of sense, what we talked about. He is reading a ton of the Book of Mormon and really enjoying it!

So on Sunday was the “sister transfer”–all of the sisters who will be transferred were told on Sunday, and all of the changes with the elders will probably happen today.

On Monday morning was the first practice for the temple cantata, “Come to the House of the Lord”, which is significantly more difficult than the Christmas cantata but also a lot of fun. Then we were carrying luggage all around Santos for some of the sisters who were going home and for some who were being transferred. Elder Thurgood and I ended up carrying a spare mattress (on our heads) from our house through Santos to the sisters’ house, and then it turns out they needed two, so we brought another one the same way, except this time we couldn’t resist stopping for ice cream at Extra, which is like the Walmart! See the attached picture (with E. Sharp and Stokes).

Yesterday (and this is why I didn’t write) we had an awesome ward activity! In the morning, E. Thurgood and I showed the youth of the ward how to make cookies and then in the afternoon we had a open house at the chapel! The youth divided into companionships and went out doing contacts on the street and inviting people to get to know the church and showing people around the chapel. They did super well! We missionaries just kind of watched, really impressed, and took (discrete) pictures. It was awesome.

At night there was a “movie night”, where they watched A Work and a Glory. I ended up in an interview with one of the investigators. Interviews are super tiring, physically and mentally, but they can also be some of the most spiritual moments of the mission!

Well that’s all I have to write! I have a bunch of new pictures but left my camera at home. Sorry, Mom.

Love you all, have a good week!

Elder Maughan



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