I guess I have a lot to catch up on.

Elder Winstanley and Elder Valansuela and I had a great week in Mongaguá! It was a super crowded week in Mongaguá, where there’s a big tourist industry and everyone from São Paulo comes down every New year to spend some time on the beach and set off fireworks. So traffic was horrendous, which made getting around by bus pretty difficult but also meant there were lots of people to talk to! On Sunday, a new member brought his brother and we visited him that same day and had a great lesson with him.

Well on Sunday night, as we were getting ready to go to São Vicente for a meeting, we got a call from Elder Thurgood, the mission executive secretary. Emergency transfers! I was transferred to Orquidário, in Santos. Elder Thurgood is my companion, and he’s training me to be the next executive secretary. It’s very different than what I’m used to! We get to the mission office every day about 8:00 for our studies. We’re secretaries officially from 9 to 5, or however much time we need to do our work. This week, President was doing interviews, and we never leave until he’s gone, so we stayed in the office until about 8 or 9 every day this week! We have plenty to do here, but it’s kind of sad that we don’t have as much time to work as normal in-field missionaries. Hopefully when things calm down a little bit we’ll have more time to teach and find.

Elder Thurgood and Craig

Elder Thurgood and Craig

I didn’t really know what an executive secretary did until I became one! Turns out there’s a ton of stuff haha. We take care of all of the passport and visa and travel documentation of the missionaries, which is probably the most stressful part of the job because if anyone’s documents expire or if anyone loses their identification or a passport(!) that creates a lot of problems. We also care for all the medical appointments and statistics reports and basically anything else that President sees fit to give us! Since there are no assistants in the mission right now, the secretaries took on a lot of their administrative responsibilities.

Well, now you know a little bit about what I’m doing! I’m still getting to know the area. It’s very different from Mongaguá! Downtown Santos.

That’s the news from here! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. Love you all!
Elder Maughan



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