Feliz Natal!

I hope everyone is getting excited for Christmas! We definitely are. We’ll have an all-day Christmas conference on the 25th, and that should be really good. [We’re excited to be able to Skype with Craig on Christmas Eve!]

Yesterday we presented our cantata in Cubatão, finally! I had been looking forward to visiting there for a long time. I got to see a lot of my old friends from the ward, and some of them remembered me! haha. I was really excited especially to see Rodolfo and Bruno and Cleidiane, and I’ll try to send some pictures with them.

Thanks to Bruno for sharing this photo of Craig with him and Cleidiane on Facebook!

Thanks to Bruno for sharing this photo on Facebook of Craig with him and Cleidiane!

Rodolfo and other Cubatåo friends.

Rodolfo and other Cubatåo friends. Rodolfo is beside Craig, and looks just like a missionary! 🙂

The presentation went well, and we also presented in Humaitá, São Vicente’s Ala 1, and Peruíbe. In Humaitá, the group from Santos (including some soloists, the pianist, and the director) got stuck in traffic so we had to make some serious changes to the program, but it worked out well enough haha. Always an adventure. Oh, and good news! The owner of a condominium in Santos saw the cantata on Facebook and invited us to perform in her condo to all of the people there! So we’ll be there on Tuesday night.

Craig-Mongagua-173 Craig-Mongagua-174 Craig-Mongagua-171

We had our last “He Is the Gift” activity this week! We talked about wise men and shepherds and then a missionary who returned to the ward this week talked a little about his mission. It went really well!

Kind of a hectic week because there were no transfers, even though they were scheduled. I think they’ll probably happen after Christmas, but we’re not sure! So Elder Freitas and I are in trio with Elder Veiga, who was Elder Cameron’s companion before he finished his mission this week. Kind of different, being in a trio, but it’s a good learning experience!

I hope you all are enjoying the He Is the Gift initiative–sharing the gift and all that. It’s helped us a lot here on the mission.

Well I’ll talk to you all soon! Have a great week and a merry Christmas!




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