The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

This week has been pretty exciting, and I guess I have to cover everything from Saturday to now! Last weekend the best part was presenting our cantata in the Guarujá stake center because I got to see lots of the members of the Boa Esperança ward.


Craig-Mongagua-90-2-2 Craig-Mongagua-113


Elder Stokes, who was one of my companions there, and I went around talking to everyone and they seemed almost as excited to see us as we were to see them (and only a few of them had to glance down at our nametags to remember our names). We had a great time seeing Bishop Alex, and a few others too, but the best part was seeing Sandra, who hadn’t been going to church when we met her in Boa Esperança! She is super active now and was very happy to see us! She wanted to take a picture with us, and it’s on somebody’s camera and hopefully at one point I’ll see it and send it to you haha.

I’ve been doing a lot of studying (more than usual!) lately! We had set a goal to have everyone finish Sister Cabral’s monthly studies up to the 7th. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned them, but every month she gives us a topic to study, or a passage of scripture, etc. So we worked like crazy to finish all those (I was pretty far behind).


This week we taught a woman named Angelica, a contact we made awhile ago but never found at home. When we started talking to her, she was super upset–she had lost her card-holder (word?) in the center of Mongaguá. She said that at almost the same moment she had asked God how He could let this happen to her, we knocked on her door (well, clapped hands). And then we offered to come in and say a prayer with her, and as we sat down, the phone rang and a complete stranger from Itanhaém called to say he had found all the cards! Angelica was ecstatic. We taught her about the Restoration and the Spirit was really strong. We taught her about the Book of Mormon with the Relief Society president the next day, and it turns out her friend had given her one in 2002, but she had never read it!

Not sure what else to write about. We said goodbye to Elder Cameron today, and after 2 years in 3 missions, he’s heading home! We’ll miss him. Today is transfer day, and we don’t know anything yet. Elder Freitas’s grandparents (without warning) left him 3 boxes of Christmas goodies at a member’s house here while we were in Bertioga, and his mom sent me chocolate panettone!

Have a great week, everyone, talk to you soon!

almost forgot to explain the subject line: In São Vicente, one of the three wise men forgot his crown and so ended up running down the aisle after the other 2, which reminded me of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!



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