Surprise Saturday P-day! We’re staying in Santos today since this weekend all of our cantata presentations are really far from Mongaguá, so we switched our p-day to today since we can’t really work, and we’ll be back in our area on Monday to work there. We spent last night here after presenting in Areia Branca, and we’ll be back tonight and tomorrow night after performing in Bertioga and Guarujá! Then on Monday morning we’ll finally head back to Mongaguá, home sweet home.

This week on Thursday we had our first of the three He Is the Gift activities! We spoke about the Atonement and watched the Bible video of the events that happened in Gethsemane, then divided into groups and learned about why we needed the Atonement, how it has effect in our lives today, and how the sacrament helps us recognize and utilize the Atonement. The Sacrament and the Sabbath are some things I’ve been learning a ton about on my mission! Anyway, the members told us they had learned a lot, and then at the end we started the craft that we’ll be working on with these activities, a paper-folded ornament.

Earlier that day we had received a text message from the church, with a new referral, and when we went there to contact her, we found her brother Gabriel, and ended up teaching him that day! Found out about 10 minutes in that he’s actually already been baptized, but he hasn’t been to church in a while. But he went to the activity and seemed to really enjoy it!

Our ward choir is practicing “Away in a Manger” for the stake christmas musical program, which is going well! I realized last week that I don’t know any Christmas hymns on the piano and that’s practically all we’ll be singing in church, so I’m trying to learn a bunch of them. I’ve got three down, but it turns out the rest are all really hard haha.

That’s all for this week! Have an awesome week!




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