This week was really good! We had a meeting with President Cabral, where among a few other things he introduced the He Is the Gift initiative, and we’re all very excited for it. That video is awesome! And the pass-along cards are great (“Can I give you a christmas presente? Ele é o presente”). People are much more open to talk about Christmas.

This week we had that activity with Elder Cameron, and it was great! The largest turnout that the ward has had in a long time, and everyone said they had a great time. We’ll be having three more activities this month, one each for Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, and Share the Gift. The members seem really excited.

This week our christmas presentation was held in Samambaia, which is our stake center, and our neighboring ward, so the Mongaguá ward was there! They all seemed to really like it. It sounds like a bunch of them will try to see it again in a few weeks when we go to Belas Artes, in Itanhaém. And there were quite a few visitors as well! Here’s a picture of the choir at Samambaia (a beautiful new chapel) and of Elder Freitas and me with Gleidson and Nayara.



Then, since today is the first Monday in December, we decorated the Christmas tree! Of course.


That’s the news from here! Until next week!




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