More from Mongaguá

This week we were really focusing (all 6 of us here in Mongaguá) on helping out the ward. We went out with the high priests group leader and did a bunch of home teaching visits, which was great! We’re also planning an activity for this Thursday with the purpose to help the ward just have a good time together and get to know each other. The name of the activity translates more or less to “Elder Cameron’s Shenanigans”, and the members are pretty curious haha.


We had two more Christmas programs this week, in Santos and in Praia Grande. They both went well! This Sunday we’re presenting again in another part of Praia Grande, close to us here in Mongaguá, and that’s where the ward here is invited. We’re really looking forward to it!


Cool story from the ward here: That couple who taught with us a few weeks back, Gleidson and Nayara, had really been wanting to go to the temple for the first time but Nayara’s work never gave her a day off! She had been working there for almost two months. Then on Saturday she found out she could quit without leaving a bad mark on her working record (I don’t know how it really works in English) and so the next day she quit, and they’ll be going to the temple this Saturday! That’s faith. We’re super excited for them.

That’s the news from Mongaguá! Love you all, have a good week!



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