Thanksgiving Feast!

Just got back from our mission’s mini Thanksgiving feast with the mission choir. It was great! After practicing our program a little, we just ate for a long time haha. I made Mom’s raw apple cake, and it turned out pretty well! Except that it was lacking the cream cheese frosting, but that’s alright. Then afterward Elder Stokes and Sister Sweet and I practiced “In the Bleak Midwinter”, which we’ll sing at the Christmas conference!




Speaking of Christmas, the closer we get to the holidays the more tourists there are in Mongaguá. It’s filled! Half the population of São Paulo comes down on Friday afternoon and goes back up on Sunday afternoon. That was kind of unfortunate for our first presentation, in São Vicente yesterday! But (almost) everyone in the choir made it to the chapel in time and it went well.

This week we taught the brother of a member of the Morrinhos ward, in Guarujá, where Elder Freitas served before coming here! So that was a funny coincidence. We’re going back there tonight.

This week we had a three-zone conference with President, which was great! He talked about the changes in the mission program and about some of the data of our mission’s 1.5-year history. We have one of the highest new-member retention rates in Brazil and the world, apparently, so that’s great!




President and Sister Cabral always really focus on the temple, so that’s a good way to help us remember that we’re working to help people become converted, not convinced.

That’s all from this week! Have an awesome week!




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