Tapirs and Transfers!

This week was busy. On Saturday we had a ward Helping Hands activity (I think every ward in Brazil had one?) where we invited people to come into the chapel and learn more about genealogy! So we handed out a bunch of flyers and talked to a lot of people in the fair (market?) and it was fun! We had a few people come in who were interested. At the last minute on Saturday I found out I would be playing “As I Search the Holy Scriptures” in Sacrament meeting and also giving a talk, so I was super busy on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Then as it turned out, nobody knew that hymn so we changed it, and the stake presidency was there so they spoke instead. But hey, now I know another hymn and I have a talk ready for the next time I need it! And I really enjoyed the stake presidency’s messages, they talked in a pretty direct way about a few of the problems that our ward has and what we can do to fix them.

On Sunday night we visited Gleidson and Nayara, the couple who came with us to teach An and J last week. We talked with them about the temple and how we can prepare to enter the temple, and it was wonderful! We talked about God’s eternal plan to send us here and lead us back to Him and how the temple gives us many of the ordinances that we need to receive salvation and exaltation. The Spirit was super strong! We talked a little about a talk that Elder Nelson gave to new mission presidents this year as well, where he says (paraphrasing), “Why do we have a church, or temples, or missionaries? Why do we want people to join the Church? It’s not just because the Church makes our life more joyful or fulfilling–other organizations can do that too. It’s because the Church gives us the chance to make and keep sacred covenants with God that will allow us to return to live with Him in eternal families!” That’s something you can’t find outside the Church.

Last night we got the transfer call! At almost 11:00, but I don’t think anyone in the zone was sleeping haha. Anyway, there were some changes in the zone! Elder Mela was replaced by Elder Vega, from Cabo Verde, Sister Hale was replaced by Sister Farias, and in Itanhaém Sisters Barbosa and Menezes left. Sisters Allred (who was in Cubatão with Sister Vangkue and me) and Byrne  will be joining the zone as well! We’re all excited.

So today Elder Freitas and I had our first real P-day in a few months, since there was no choir practice haha. So we visited the nearby Poço das Antas! That’s “Tapirs’ Well”. Don’t worry, I don’t know what a tapir is either. For some reason I imagine it as a cross between a pig and an anteater. Since we didn’t see any, I can’t know for sure. But it’s a campground-ish place with some mini waterfalls, and it was great! I haven’t gone hiking in a long time haha.

Well this email is already super long, so let me just add some photos:

Elder Fr, Elder C, and me on the trail

Elder Freitas, Elder Cameron, and me on the trail

Our old zone (without Elder C and Elder M, it's a little weird because it's just us and sisters, but they had to leave early): Sister H, Sister V, Sister R, me, Sister B, Sister M, Elder Fr, Sister S!

Our old zone (without Elder Cameron and Elder Mela, it’s a little weird because it’s just us and sisters, but they had to leave early): Sister Hale, Sister Vangkue, Sister Reis, me, Sister Barbosa, Sister Menezes, Elder Freitas, Sister Sodó!

Have an awesome week!



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