I don’t speak french, so that’s probably spelled wrong, but it’s what Sister Cabral called our sneak-peek performance of the Christmas program to the bishops and stake presidents and their wives on Saturday. It went pretty well, I thought! At least, they’re still willing to let us perform in their wards, so that’s good.





And I got to see the bishop from Cubatão, which was fun! We also ran into the Cubatão ward mission leader today in Santos.

So this week we met a really nice couple, Andressa and João! We almost walked past them before deciding to offer to help them paint their fence. They wouldn’t let us help, but we ended up talking to them about missionary work and about the gospel for about an hour! They were very happy to talk with us. Andressa also works at CNA, the same English school where coincidentally Rodolfo works in Cubatão. They’re also special for two reasons: a) they live separately and b) they’re already planning to be married next month! We left them with a copy of The Living Christ, which we’ve been trying to use more often.

We visited Andressa yesterday with Gleidson, a recent convert, and his wife Nayara, and it was awesome. They taught the lesson for us, almost! haha. Gleidson was baptized just a few months ago, but it seemed like he had already served a mission. At the end, Elder Freitas and I basically just bore our testimonies and invited her to pray about being baptized, which she said she would! We’re excited to keep working with her and João.

In other news, I finally put up that Adirondack calendar (on the last day of October), nobody did anything for Halloween, and part of our service project this week involved Elder M chasing down an escaped, very unhappy hen in a field of tall grass. Thanks for the letters and the prayers, hope everyone is doing well! Until next week!




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