This week in Mongaguá!

We are nearing Halloween here in Mongaguá, which means absolutely nothing because nobody has any idea what it is. Actually, some people know it as “day of the witches” haha. We visited another english school this week, which was pretty cool! The building was all decorated with Halloween things, which they interpreted as “creepy black magic things and fake dead bodies”. But we talked with them (well, I talked, and Elder Fr listened) about everything from the Book of Mormon to Obamacare. And we made cookies! They didn’t turn out as I had wanted them too, but they were really good anyway and nobody knew the difference.


The elders and the sisters in our ward both had baptisms this week, and they were great! Elder Freitas and I gave the lesson in Elders Quorum yesterday about Elder Holland’s talk “The Cost–and Blessings–of Discipleship”, which is a really good talk. Marlene was confirmed this week!

Our Christmas presentation is improving! I think we’ll be performing 15 times. I’m not sure how the travel arrangements will be, but I think I’ll spend a lot of time on the bus haha. I already do, in Mongaguá, so that’s alright. I think our last presentation is in Cubatão, so I’ll get to see everyone there!

I’m trying to think of fun things to tell you about Mongaguá. The city motto is “E pluribus unum” (that’s not portuguese), which is an interesting coincidence. The city is pretty much linear haha. We take the bus along the main road, parallel to the ocean, to get basically anywhere, and then when we get off we just walk in a straight line toward the mountains until we get where we need to be.

That’s all I can come up with! Until next week!




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