Old Little People’s Gym

So this week we did a lot of work as a zone! We’ve been trying really hard to find new people to teach, and so one day this week everyone in the zone came to Mongaguá to do contacts and help us find people, and then another day we all went to Itanhaém to do the same thing, and it was really fun! We found some good people to teach, too. [Thanks to D for the photo.]

One miraculous thing that happened this week! Elder Freitas and I were walking in a neighborhood when a lady approached us on the street and asked us where another road was! We had no idea, but it turned out that she was a member of the church! Her name is Adelaide. Like a ton of other people in Mongaguá, she had recently moved from São Paulo, and she had never gone to church here in Mongaguá. But she went to church yesterday, with a friend of hers! And her friend told us that she loved church, and she’d like to be baptized! So we’re going to be teaching her this week a lot, and we’re very excited.

So there were surprise transfers last night! Yesterday we had a mini-conference via Skype (!) with President Cabral, and we discussed President Monson’s talk, Guided Safely Home, and after a few other announcements and changes he announced that there would be some transfers. So Elder Wood and Sister Benites were transferred out of the zone, and we’re welcoming Elder Mela, from Panama, and Sister Reis, from Pará!

Here’s a picture of the Academia dos Velhinos where we exercise in the morning, and you can kind of see the ocean! Where we run near (but not on) the beach.

That’s the news from Mongaguá! We’re still working hard to find other people to teach, and working to help the new members of the ward here. Thanks for the letters, love you guys! Have a great week!



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