“No, no, you cannot run straight from first to third base!”

So this week was pretty busy! We were at a meeting in São Vicente all day on Tuesday, where, in a pretty accurate reenactment of my Little League days, I helped out with a baseball-themed object lesson and whiffed the first pitch. [Ah, some of the photos in this gallery that I posted yesterday now make sense!] (In my defense, it’s not easy to predict the flight of a wadded-up piece of paper.) But I redeemed myself in the basketball-themed object lesson, by the way! In other news, baseball is pretty much impossible to explain to Brazilians (see subject line).

Then Wednesday and Thursday were pretty normal–Elder Freitas and I are working really hard to find new investigators, and we’re not really having much success, but we’re doing what we can. Then on Friday we helped prepare a baptism that happened that night, of a couple, Cláudio and Viviane. It was good! Elder Freitas and I and Sister Hales and Sister Sodó sang “Love at Home”. Well, actually we sang “Com Amor no Lar” haha.

Then on Saturday and Sunday was Conference! I was never as excited for conference as I am on my mission haha. We watched it in the Praia Grande (Big Beach) Stake Center in Samambaia. Elder Luchi, who was born in Brazil but lived 12 years in the US, watched it with me in English in the secretary´s room in the chapel. I loved the new native-language format! Ironically, we watched Elder Godoy’s talk with English dubbing haha. But we laughed at his jokes when he actually made them, which is more than can be said for the English speakers in the Conference Center who I think were busy reading the subtitles! There were a ton of good talks! I especially liked the talks of Elders Callister, Klebingat, Christofferson, and Bednar.

Today we had another choir practice, which are always fun, even though it means we spend 3 hours on the bus! But it’s a comfortable bus, at least. And the mission reimburses (is that a word?) the cost of the tickets. And we are all memorizing The Living Christ, which makes doing contacts on the bus really easy (“I’m trying to memorize this passage about Christ, could you check to make sure I’m remembering it right?”).

Well that’s the news from Mongaguá! Have an awesome week, talk to you soon!



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