Hey family!

Well Elder Freitas and I have officially been in Mongaguá for a week! Except we’re actually in São Vicente right now. We came to Santos this morning for a choir practice–about 40-50 of the missionaries in the mission are, under the direction of Sister Cabral, practicing a long Christmas program with a bunch of songs I had never heard of before but that all sound really good. We’ll start presenting it to some wards in mid-November, and we’ll end up with our last performance in Cubatão (!) on December 21st. So that’s kind of cool, it’s like we’re going on tour! Anyway, we’ll be here again in São Vicente tomorrow for a meeting, so we’re staying to work here tonight.

Mongaguá is great! It’s really big haha. The zone has just two areas: Mongaguá (that’s moan-gah-GWAH, Mom) and Itanhaém (ee-tan-eye-AYNG, more or less, ask Scott or Eric haha). In Mongaguá with us are Elders C and W, as well as Sister H who is training Sister S. In Itanhaém, which is about an hour from our house by bus, are four sisters: B, M, Be, and V. We live on the far eastern edge of our area, and all the active members live in the west, so that makes for a little bit of difficulty in planning, teaching, and saving money! We have to take the bus to lunch almost every day. But it’s nice because we have lots of people to potentially teach!

The ward here is good! Sacrament attendance is about 150, and they’re looking to split the ward, so we’re working a lot in the eastern half of the area, where there are fewer members!

Well I have some pictures to send, but I can’t get this cord I borrowed from another elder to work, so they’ll have to wait! Just imagine pictures of Elder Fr and me. Funny fact about Mongaguá: almost every day we exercise at a place called, when translated literally, “gym for old little people” or academia dos velhinos. It’s a bunch of outdoor exercise equipment right in front of the beach by our house, so that”s cool!

Well that’s about all for now, I’ll let you know more next week when there’s more news! Love you all!


[For those following along, Craig’s wonderful investigator, Rodolfo, was baptized in Cubatao on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.

Since Craig and his companion, Elder Veneziano, were just transferred from Cubatao last week, they weren’t able to attend the baptism, but Rodolfo thoughtfully sent them some photos. So happy for him and this important step he has taken.]



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