Lots of news!

Well lots of things to write about! And not a lot of time haha. I’ll start with last Thursday! We had an awesome activity in the Casqueiro ward, with a pioneer theme. We all dressed up and decorated the ward building there and made pancakes! (My first pancake was pretty horrible, but I got a lot better at making them as the night went on! We made a ton haha.) All of those pictures are on Elder Veneziano’s camera, so here’s at least a picture of the Cubatão zone haha. (picture #1!) The sisters also made us “Super Elder” shirts!

Then Saturday was fantastic! Bruno and Cleidiane were married in the morning, and then we went to Casqueiro to take pictures by the river, and then we went back to their house for lunch, and then they were baptized at night! The baptism started late, and we were a little worried because a lot of members who had agreed to bring food, etc. weren’t there, but everyone eventually arrived and we started off with singing Baptism, at Bruno’s request! Fortunately, me playing the intro was the only thing the whole night that didn’t go smoothly. I baptized Bruno and Elder Veneziano baptized Cleidiane, and then after, the bishop talked about temples and we gave them a framed picture of the temple. They always talk about how excited they are for their wedding in the temple next year!

And then there were transfers! I’ve been transferred to Mongaguá, which is on the coast southwest of Santos. Elder Freitas, a Brazilian who arrived in Santos with me, is my companion! He’s really good, and from what I hear the area is great, so we’re excited. Elder Veneziano has gone to Peruíbe to train!

Well I think I’ll have some more news next week! We have a mission conference on Wednesday and I might be going to Cubatão on Saturday for the baptism of Rodolfo. I’ll let you know!

Thanks for the letters, everyone! Have a great week!




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