So this week was great! We have an awesome new investigator, Rodolfo. He works with one of the ward members here, Patricia, at an English school. We visited there a few times but never really got the chance to talk to him, but Patricia had been talking with him about the church, and one day as we were running (not literally, but almost) to an appointment here we ran into him on the main street, and he said, “Hey, when are you guys going to visit my house and talk to me about the church!” When we taught him, he had a ton of really good questions, and we ended up talking about the restoration and the word of wisdom with him. Two days later when we showed up for our next visit, the first thing he said was “Hey! Where’s my Book of Mormon?” haha. We asked him how his experience had been praying to ask God if our message was true, and when he said, “Well, sincerely…” we thought for sure nothing had happened. But that day he had been having a really hard time, but remembered to pray just as he was crawling into bed, and he said that as he was praying he just had this immense feeling of love and peace and joy! He knows for sure now that our message is true–he also stopped drinking coffee and smoking from that instant until now, and he’s going to be baptized on the 27th! It’s also cool because I got to use an English Mormon Message in our lesson haha. I think it’s called “God’s Light” or something, and I really liked it but they haven’t translated it yet. But that’s okay because Rodolfo speaks English!

Also this week, I had my first interview with President Cabral (the secretaries found out I hadn’t had an interview since the day I got to Santos haha), our first practice for the Christmas choir presentation (I know it’s September, but we have 40 pages of music to go through! All translated from English to Portuguese, which makes it a little bit difficult), and a missionary work stake correlation meeting at the stake center yesterday, which means I went to Santos on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pretty exciting, but that makes it hard to get work done in Cubatão!

In other news, Bruno and Cleidiane are still doing well! We’ve been invited to their wedding in the place-where-weddings-are-done on Saturday, and everyone seems to be looking forward to the baptism that night.

Thanks for the letters and everything! Have an awesome week!


Downtown Cubatao

Craig and Elder V



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