Why can’t all the primary songs be in the key of C?

This week has been really good! Yesterday at church, Bruno and Cleidiane received a super great welcome from the ward–It was Cleidiane’s birthday, and the Relief Society president gave her a present and they loved it! They’ll be baptized on the 20th, after being married in the morning! We’re helping them integrate with all the members now, and it’s going really well.

A few other less-actives also went to church, including a young man with whom we have been working for a long time, and we were very excited about that. The area presidency has been talking a lot more about increasing church attendance and a lot less about just baptizing, so we’ve been focusing on the two ways we can strengthen the Lord’s kingdom here: baptisms and rescues (is that the word they use in English?) of less-active members.

The primary presidency here has commissioned me (okay, so turns out they won’t actually be paying me) to play in the Primary program in October, so they gave me 9 new hymns and primary songs to learn, in addition to the ones I’m learning to play in Sacrament meeting! The good news: I now have an excuse to learn “He Sent His Son” and the intro to “Baptism”. The bad news: Those are really hard.

So I’m also trying to learn to cook while I’m here, in addition to play piano. Now when our lunch appointments fall through, I have something to look forward to: practice! Except that all I can make (beyond cereal and sandwiches) is pasta with different types of meat haha. But it’s improvement! I also eat a lot of smoothies, where I just throw fruit and milk and oats and random other things in the machine that makes things liquid (that translation of “liquidificador” is way more fun than just “blender”, right?) and try it! Generally it turns out well, and when it doesn’t, I do what Scott said and just imagine all the nutrients and vitamins I’m taking in!

Well, I know you were all dying to know what kind of smoothies I drink, but unfortunately, I’m all out of exciting things to say. Have an awesome week, I’ll talk to you all later!

Elder Maughan



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